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No evangelistic effort or Christian revival has populated more church pews or sold more Bibles than the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. The count of AA members who are now vital members of their congregations dwarfs the numbers of those who came to faith during the revivals of centuries. Harried by certain Christian denominations and their doctrine police, this truth about the AA fellowship gets ignored, discounted, or denied. Since AA's inception such has been the case and the misunderstanding is worse today than ever. 

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About Hal Blackwell

Hal Blackwell is an accomplished author, speaker, and activist. His new book 'God and Drunks' is an apologetic work that argues that the 12 Steps of AA are a construct of the Christian Gospel. With over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, Hal is dedicated to promoting the works and causes that matter to him. He is passionate about social justice, mental health, and addiction recovery, and his writing reflects these interests. This website is dedicated to promoting Hal's work and causes. Here you will find information about Hal, his books, his upcoming events, and more. Thank you for visiting!

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God and Drunks

Addiction, Recovery, and Spirituality

Mental Health and Social Justice

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